About KAMY

Our company is a science and technology enterprise specialized in tunnelling machine engineering projects and R&D, manufacturing, and sales of various mining parts and equipment. Its core products are all types of roadheader equipment and integrate mine informatization, automation and networking. Mine comprehensive control system. The company's mining, digging, and electric power are fully developed, with complementary advantages. All series and varieties are available, and the international high-quality configuration ensures reliable performance.

It is the aim of Kamy China to design, manufacture and service our equipment with quality and reliability that exceeds our customer's expectations. Shanghai Kemei Electromechanical Co.,Ltd (referred to as KAMY hereafter) was founded in the year 2000. KAMY was started by a team of professionals from Shanghai Coal Science Research Institute. At KAMY we mainly manufacture Roadheaders ranging from cutting power 75kw upto 300kw, Coal loader, Rock loader for mine, Roadway backfilling machine, Hydraulic nuts, Water-jet cutting machine and Super-pressure pump, Hydraulic brake, Cutting bits for mines, Spare parts for coal miner, Roadheader spare parts and complete machine system.

Therefore we have established a quality management system that involves all of our employees and we are constantly working to improve our products, our workforce and our quality assurance process.KAMY's range of products is based on technical experience gained over many years, combined with a strategy of ongoing innovation and development. As a machinery and equipment manufacturer, KAMY sees its primary objective in providing an efficient and reliable service to its customer base. The developed machines, technical systems and processes are all geared to meet the needs of the customers and to enhance the productivity and safety of their operations.


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