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  • high tunnels kits - Roadheader Cutting Machine

    High Tunnels - Growers Supply - Greenhouse Kits, Commercial ... Growing in a high tunnel, or hoop house, provides an easy and cost-effective way to establish greater control over your growing environment and extend your growing ...

  • High Tunnel Pricing

    High Tunnel Pricing & Truss Options : For custom-sized high tunnels and sidewall heights please contact: ... Metal End Wall Kits and other Metal Options 30x72 High ...

  • Greenhouse Manufacturers and Kits » High Tunnels Supplier ...

    The [hightunnels] listserv comprises over 850 members, most of which are growers using high tunnels. The listserv is a great place to learn what growers are doing with high tunnels, what crops and varieties do best, and what practices have been successful on local farms.

  • Greenhouse Tunnels | NRCS Approved High Tunnel | CropKing

    Extend the growing season with a high tunnel greenhouse designed to utilize every bit of space. Purchase the NRCS grant approved high tunnel at CropKing.

  • Browse Season-Extending High Tunnel Greenhouses | Greenhouse ...

    High Tunnels can provide season-extending protection and warmth for your plants, and because of their affordable price, our high tunnels won't break the bank either.

  • High Tunnels & Cold Frames

    High Tunnels & Cold Frames. Harvest more and extend your growing season by building your own high tunnel greenhouse (hoop building) or growing shelter using our high quality cold frames.

  • GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnels - FarmTek

    GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnels. Ideal for vegetables, small fruit, cut flowers and more. A GrowSpan Round Premium High Tunnel will enhance your crop yield, quality and profitability up to 50%.

  • High Tunnel and Greenhouse | Small Farms Programs

    High Tunnel and Greenhouse. High Tunnels. ... High tunnels are valuable assets to growers enabling them to produce high yields of quality horticultural crops.

  • Ledgewood Farm-greenhouse frame, high tunnel, New Hampshire

    Ledgewood Farm, located in New Hampshire, manufactures pipe frame greenhouses and high tunnels. The frames are used by all areas of agriculture for plant protection, livestock housing, and storage.

  • high tunnels kits - ghischool.com

    High Tunnels - Greenhouse Kits, Commercial & Hobby ... Growing in a high tunnel, or hoop house, provides an easy and cost-effective way to establish greater control over your growing environment and extend your growing season.

  • High Tunnel Greenhouse | Rimol Greenhouses

    The High Tunnel is traditionally used for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers in a greenhouse. High Tunnels use Eastpoint frames to make the roof taller.

  • High Tunnel Greenhouse Hoop Benders

    The DY-Series High Tunnel Hoophouse Greenhouse "do-it-yourself" Hoop Bender. The affordable High Tunnel Hoop Bender direct from the manufacture and inventor of these innovative tools.

  • High Tunnels Supplier Directory - HighTunnels.org

    Categories: Greenhouse Manufacturers and Kits, High Tunnels, Movable High Tunnels, Shade Cloth. Rough Brothers, Inc. 5513 Vine St ...

  • Greenhouse kits, High Tunnel kits, and more

    We have professional in-house installation available in many areas. Click to learn more. Cold frames Greenhouses High Tunnels Gutter Connected Structures Residential Structures Schools Light Deprivation Shade Houses & Shade Structures

  • High Tunnel System Initiative | NRCS

    With high tunnel systems, ... wet springs with a lot of rain. High tunnels allow people to get into the ground and start producing crops earlier.

  • Kool House - Cold Frame High Tunnel Greenhouse

    Hobby Greenhouse Kits; ... Cold Frame High Tunnel ... All our High Tunnels use Gatorshield® galvanized steel tubing that provides superior levels of corrosion ...

  • High Tunnels Kits - Image Results

  • GrowSpan High Tunnels | GrowSpan

    Introducing GrowSpan Commercial and Hobby High Tunnels – Lengthen the Growing Season and Increase Profits Since 1979, GrowSpan has been producing the industry's most dependable and versatile high tunnels for production on any scale.

  • High Tunnels - Poly-Tex, Inc.

    Poly-Tex High Tunnel greenhouses are inexpensive way to lengthen your growing season, protect your crop from pests and increase your crop yield.

  • Hightunnel Greenhouse Kits - GRIZZLY HILL

    Crops that are produced within high tunnels are grown in the ground or in raised beds with drip irrigation. ... GRIZZLY HILL HIGHTUNNEL & GREENHOUSE KITS .

  • Atlas Manufacturing, Inc. - Official Site

    Atlas Manufacturing offers a full line of quality commercial, educational, and hobby greenhouses and all the accessories to go with it at affordable prices. Trust our experts with your next greenhouse project.

  • Greenhouse Kits - build a high tunnel

    Greenhouse Kits - build a high tunnel. So, you're interested in one of those greenhouse kits? There are many to choose from, so grab a cup of coffee and start browsing through the catalogs.

  • High Tunnel Press Kit | NRCS

    High Tunnel Press Kit. Seasonal high tunnels are plastic-covered structures that enable farmers to have crops ready earlier or later in the season.

  • NRCS, High Tunnels, NRCS, NRCS Funding, Premium High Tunnels ...

    Growing in a high tunnel, or hoop house, provides an easy and cost-effective way to establish greater control over your growing environment and extend your growing season.

  • Greenhouse Kits, Commercial & Hobby Greenhouses and ...

    Many accessories are also available, including zippered roll-up doors, roll-up or drop-down sides and extra rafter kits. Shop High Tunnels & Accessories.