Teach Them Young: Five Habits Your Kids Need to Start Now

teethAs a parent, teaching your children good habits at a young age helps them to establish positive practices later in life. It’s never too young to begin teaching your children about dental health, personal hygiene, healthy eating, sharing and helping out around the house. Of course, there are going to be periods when your child will rebel a little bit but that is just part of the growing up stages.

Teaching Dental Healthy

When your child begins to have their teeth coming in, start brushing for them. This will get them used to the routine of having their teeth brushed twice per day. If it becomes a Family Dental health affair on a daily basis, they will be more apt to catch on and want to maintain good dental health.

Personal Hygiene

Most children like getting cleaned up because it means playing in the bathtub. Keeping it fun will make the nightly routine go a little easier. As the night winds down after dinner and some relaxation, it should be concluded with a bath, teeth brushing and bed time. Getting your children into this routine in their toddler years makes it become part of their day as they continue to grow.

Healthy Eating

Kids are known to be picky. If you start them with a healthy diet young, as a baby, it will continue through the toddler years and beyond. Once your child is able to eat regular foods, start out with raw vegetables. It gets them used to the natural flavors of the vegetables. Make them part of every meal.


There are a lot of young children that have a big problem sharing whether it is toys or snacks. Once you start having play dates with other children, swap out toys for a few minutes at a time so that each child has the opportunity to play with everything. It teaches your son or daughter that sharing toys is what you’re supposed to do.

Helping Around the House

The easiest way to get your children to help out around the house is to make it fun. Have a timer set and make it a game to get the toys picked up and put away as fast as possible to win. Once they get a little older, they can learn how to vacuum, dust and do other small chores.

Instilling these values in your children at a young age makes them more willing to help and maintain healthy practices later. When you start young it is just part of them to do these small tasks. Teaching them why these small tasks are important in words they understand is also important.


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