Kids Going to College: Three Things a Parent Should Do

Kids Going to College THree Thins a Parent Should DoWhether your child is just entering her senior year of college or is getting ready to move into her dorm room in just a few days, you’ve probably run through the full gamete of my-kid’s-going-to-college emotions. On the one hand, you don’t want to see her go, you know you’ll worry, and you wish she would consider community college. On the other hand, having a quieter, cleaner house doesn’t seem so bad. No matter how you feel about junior hitting the road, one thing is for certain, you need to start making preparations now so you don’t end up taking care of your able-bodied college student’s stuff when your able-bodied college student isn’t around! The following are three things you can do to prepare for your child’s leaving the nest.

1. Tell your soon-to-be student to clean his room, and set a deadline!

Now that your kid is headed to college, it’s probably true that he doesn’t need everything in his room or closet. In fact, it’s likely that when he cleans it out, he’ll find more than a few Legos or Batman figures. Have him box up what he doesn’t need or want. As far as the rest of the room goes, tell your child that it has to be spotless, with clothes, electronics, and other items he won’t need during breaks boxed in storage boxes. This way you can put his things in a storage facility, de-clutter your home, and use his room as a guest room when he’s not off on break.

2. Have your child choose and take her own things to the storage facility.

Your kid is not a kid anymore. If she’s going to college, she’s probably a legal adult, so she needs to start acting like it. Teach her what life is like in the adult world by having her help you pick a storage facility online with being particularly useful, with storage facilities listed in places like Phoenix AZ storage. Help her select a good facility and calculate how much it will cost you to store her things. Finally, have her take her own items to the facility and ensure they are stored correctly.

3. Have a rummage sale, or donate unwanted items to charity.

Again, because these are your child’s things, and your child is all grown up, have him decide whether he wants to have a rummage sale or donate. However, tell him that he needs to decide by a deadline a few weeks before he leaves, or you will decide for him. If he chooses the rummage sale, let him keep the money, but insist he plan and organize the sale by himself or with his friends.


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