How to Organize Homeschooling Supplies for the Move

Moving your homeschool requires organization

If you are getting ready to move, the idea of packing up and organizing all of your homeschooling supplies may feel a bit too overwhelming. If that’s the case, don’t let it bother you! We have compiled simple step by step ideas that will help you pack everything so when school is back in session, you will be ready to go.

1) The first thing you need to do, is to separate your home schooling books into categories. For example, you may want all of your math books in one box, then label it accordingly. Then, work your way down the list for each subject that you have. If you have more than one child, you may want to add their names to the outside of the box. That way, you can quickly find the books you are looking for when needed.

2) Try to keep the basic schooling supplies such as notebooks, pencils, markers, rulers and other items in a tote bag. This bag can stay with you wherever you go. These items could easily be stored in the trunk of your car until after the move. The smaller items can get lost easily, so it’s best to keep them near you as possible. If you really want to pack them, be sure to find box inserts to help you keep the items sorted. Then, be sure to label them with each item on the outside of the box.

3) When you first move, it will be easy to forget about homeschooling. However, the summer will pass quickly. It is best for you to keep the boxes all in one location. One option would be renting a storage unit to store the curriculum and other supplies. That way, you can focus on organizing and unpacking your house. Then, when school is back in session, you can bring all the boxes in from your storage unit.

4) Last, but not least, it is very crucial to organize your grading and report cards. If you can, try to make copies of each item to store in your computer. Then, you can store the actual papers in the boxes as well. Having back up copies of these items is very crucial. So don’t forget to take care of that right away!

Staying organized while you gear up for a big move may seem overwhelming, but once you have a game plan in place it will all come together naturally.

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