Don't Let Your Homeschooler Fall Behind

Don't let your child fall behind

If your homeschool is a very relaxed and not so structured environment for your child to learn in, it sometimes can be easy to allow the child to get lazy about doing the work.  It is up to you the parent to keep the learning going and figure out how to keep your child’s interest in learning.  Seems to be the older the child gets the easier it is to allow them to not keep up.  If they were ever to go back into public school they could be behind and not keep up with others their age, that would be embarrassing to the child.

It’s easy as a parent to allow this to happen when homeschooling, you get tired of fighting with your child about getting up and getting school work done.  It can become a pain and will cause homeschool burnout fast.  As a parent you want what is best for your child and you want the best education possible, but you also don’t want to fight about it with your child.  So what is a parent to do?

When this happens more and more frequently you need to take a step back and look at your approach to what is being taught and also take a look at your child’s learning style.  It may have changed over the years of homeschooling.  When this happens it can be aggravating for both you and your child.  It doesn’t mean you have to scrap everything you have planned or that you have bought, it simply means you need to change things up and come at it with a different approach.

Children’s personalities and style in clothes change as they get older, so does their learning style.  Their attention span may be less on some subjects and longer on others, depending on their current interests.  The child who hates reading now fights with you to even read 1 page or really has a hard time grasping math.  So take a step back and determine how you can make reading more fun for your child or how you can bring math into reality.

Stop and think about when you were in school, were there not times you hated certain subjects or were just down right bored with them?  What if the teacher had changed things up and came at those subjects with a fresh approach to keep you interested, would it have helped?  We as parents who homeschool need to do the same thing when our child gets into one of those ruts.  Step back, regroup and come at it from a fresh approach.

A fresh approach may mean getting help from other homeschool families or friends or neighbors who may be able to help with a subject.  It is never a bad thing to ask for help while homeschooling, remember it is for your child’s education!  Remember to include your child in the decision on making a change, they may have that fresh approach you are looking for to make it more interesting!

The key to homeschooling is to keep your child interested so they don’t become behind but still keep them interested so they get the best education at home possible.

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As part of the Homeschooling Professor’s team Traci brings over 15 years of homeschooling knowledge to our group!

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