Homeschool Ideas – Simple Ways To Make Learning Fun
Homeschool ideas can make learning more enjoyable.

Has your homeschooling routine become dull and uninspiring? Do your children groan, complain and beg you for frequent breaks? Here are some simple homeschool ideas that will put the fun back into your homeschool curriculum!

Reading and language arts are essential components of every homeschool program. You don’t have to assign workbook exercises to help your child build valuable reading skills. Play crossword puzzles, read joke books, have a family book club or poetry night. Post a word you want your children to learn on your refrigerator every week. Keep track of how often the word is used in context and give a prize to the person who uses it the most frequently.

Teaching math is fun and easy when you reinforce its value in everyday life. Show your children ways you use math when budgeting, shopping, playing sports or traveling. Building is a great way to teach math and geometry. Help your children build a toy box or clubhouse, or work together on household repairs. Younger children can build with Legos, blocks or K’nex.

Journaling, letter writing and scrap booking are great activities for budding writers. Reluctant writers may want to practice writing jokes or use their computer skills to create a blog or website. Creating a newsletter is a great family writing project. Assign different tasks to each child, or have children work as a team. This newsletter will serve as a record of events and activities your family has enjoyed.

Head outdoors to give your children a break from their regular routine. Sit under a tree and read your favorite read aloud, complete assignments on an outdoor picnic table. Take a walk or roller blade between lessons, or eat lunch on a blanket in the backyard. This will not only give your children a boost of fresh air, it gives them a chance to observe nature – that’s science!

Divide your family into teams and choose a subject for debate. Help your children research the topic and prepare convincing arguments. Your children will learn about current events and history, and develop valuable public speaking skills. Instead of choosing a winner, reward both teams for a job well done!

Don’t forget to play homeschool games like Chess, card games and board games with your children. Adding a game night to your weekly routine will provide your family with valuable opportunities for learning and bonding.

By: Carletta Sanders

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