California Home Schooling: Just As Legal As Any Other!

As in all states, home schools in California should use an accredited and recognized school curriculum, or an ISP (Independent Study Program) that can come from an area public school or from a private, but accredited source.

Capability to Teach

It’s more than likely that you have also heard some rumors suggesting that in California you must have a certified teaching license in order to participate in homeschooling.

While it is helpful for a teacher to have a teaching certification, the law in California actually states that someone who is running a home school in California has to, simply, be ‘capable’ of teaching.

Evidently, this statement can be interpreted in a very vague sense. In this way, home schooling has a sort of vague quality in California.

In a privately run or a publicly run school it will be the people in charge of running the school who decide whether or not there teachers are capable of teaching, plus of course their initial certifications the teachers have already obtained to get their teaching job.

But when you look at the situation in a homeschooling environment things are pretty different, since the teacher and the parent of the child are normally the same person.

Starting your home school in California

Even if you only have one child to tutor, you should make the effort to go and declare yourself a private school, this may seem like hassle but it will clear up a lot of questions.

One additional option open to you is to sign up your child or children at your local public school, but contrary to what other parents do, you will register for an independent study program that you yourself will implement with your child at home.

Whatever option you choose to take, you shouldn’t have any real problems in starting your California homeschool.

A Tutor

A home school requires a “tutor.” In most cases, this tutor will be one of the parents in the home, but it could also be a third party who is hired by the family to be the tutor of the child or children.

As a parent you will not be required to be a certified teacher to homeschool your children, but it goes without saying that you should be above capable of teaching.

But quite understandably most parents if hiring a tutor to homeschool their children will want to see certifications from that tutor.

Setting up your homeschool in California is going to take a little work and implementing it, especially if you are the tutor, will definitely required dedication and planning, but the benefits it can bring to your child should make it all worthwhile.


By: Jeff Safin

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